Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Science Project Evaluation Form

Earth Science Final Project                 Name:  ______________________________________
Due Date:  Monday, June 4, 2012                        Topic:  ____________________ Period ___________
Oral Presentation       
5                                              4                                  3                                  2
All Topics are                    all topics                Most Topics              One or more topics
Addressed and all            addressed and       Addressed and       not addressed
Questions answered         most questions       Questions briefly
Thoroughly                         Answered                 Answered                                                    

5                                              4                                              3                                  2
Experiment works                        Experiment works                        Experiment                         Experiment
Well with topic,                 Well with Topic,                 off Topic,                  Off Topic
Easily demonstrated      Assistance needed                        No Assistance         Assistance
No Assistance                                                                     No Exp/Model          Given

Lab Report
5                                              4                                              3                                              2
Lab is recorded in             Lab is neat and                  Lab is Neat and                  Lab is
An extremely neat          somewhat organized       Somewhat organized       not
And orderly fashion        All Areas Covered           Most areas covered         Neat
All Areas covered                                                                                                        Key info
5                                              4                                  3                                              2
Graph neat                         Graph Neat             Somewhat Neat                  Not Neat      
Good Stats                           Good Stats              Stats Ok                               Stats Poor  
Labeled Correctly          Labels Ok                 Labels Ok                             Labels Ok
Source Noted                      Source Noted          No Source                             No Source

Total Points Scored:  ___________/20        Grade Received: 

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