Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Science Project Guidelines

Final Science Project
Project Due Date:  June 4, 2012

Who:  7th Grade Science Students
What:  Typed Lab Report, Graph, Experiment and Oral Presentation
Where:  At Home and School
When:  May 21-June 4, 2012
Why:  To demonstrate an understanding of Earth Science while utilizing the steps of the Scientific Method to solve a problem.
How:  Research, Prepare Rough Draft, Final Typed Report with Graph, Mini-Experiment demonstration and brief oral presentation to class

1.       Students will research a topic in Earth Science that deals with Weather, Climate, Atmosphere, Earthquakes, Volcanoes or the Environment.  All topics will be selected in class and must be approved before beginning project.
2.      Students will try to solve a problem like a Scientist would while using the steps to the Scientific Method.  (Problem, Observations, Hypothesis, Data/Test Hypothesis, Analyze Results, and Conclusion)
3.      Students will further analyze results by utilizing the website to present data to the class
4.      Students will create a rough draft to be proofread in class and will discuss their experiment in advance with the teacher.
5.      A final typed lab report, graph with source listed and mini-experiment should be completed by June 4, 2012.  All students will be expected to give a brief oral presentation (overview of their topic), discuss their graph and demonstrate their experiment for the class.  Students must be prepared with all materials needed to present to the class.

This project will count as a 2nd Test grade and towards 30% of your overall grade.  Do your best work and have fun with this project.  Please see me if you have any concerns. 

“They are able who think they are able.”
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